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Guts with Michael Mosley

Join British journalist and physician Michael Mosley to uncover the secret life of the human digestive tract in this eye-opening and detailed exploration of a part of the body we seldom see. Enter the strange and mysterious world of the human stomach!

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Anti-Aging, Energizing – Açaí Bowl

The best anti-aging, energizing solution- I make my acai pudding with unsweetned acai pulp 1 tsp of molasses, 1/4 cup rolled uncooked oats, 1 or 2 whole bananas with a splash of water blended together in my vitamix served with banana slices on top- keeps me energized for hours! Here’s...

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Heart Healthy Oatmeal!

This is my signature recipe- cooked old fashioned rolled oats. My favorite toppings are seasonal berries, roasted unsalted almonds, apples, and cinnamon. Cholesterol Levels According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, elevated total cholesterol is a chief risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Especially dangerous is low density lipoprotein...

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