What is Mobile Food Coaching?

It is having a personal Nutritionist to help you eat better with Daily Feedback on the foods you eat and have in your kitchen.

Our Approach is to combine effective, proven telephone coaching with daily feedback to motivate our clients. Imagine getting  daily food feedback, inspirational videos, guided meditation, nutritional mobile apps, and curated propriety presentations that I have created.

The purpose of this approach is simple. People fail because they get bored. By providing on-going and highly engaging coaching, we believe they will achieve their goals quicker.

Most nutrition programs give generic “eat better” information. By personalizing the program to each clients diet and lifestyle needs, we will be able to help them reach their goals and build a foundation on healthy habits that will last beyond our coaching sessions. Our mission is to drive a complete lifestyle and behavior transformation!

Why are we different?

  1. Daily feedback on food that you are actually eating
  2. Proven motivational techniques based from the Mayo Clinic
  3. Reminders program to keep you on track nutritionally
  4. Customized to where you live, work, and travel


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Sanjivini Lal has been a champion for nutrition and wellness, with 15 years of full-time experience. With my day job, I can say I have personally interacted with over 10,000 patients and really understand the barriers to healthy food adoption. People call me the “healthy girl” because of my passion for nutrition and fitness. I am also a fitness trainer, I incorporate elements of body motion, nutrition optimization, and energy healing into my current consulting services.

Jay Richins is a Registered Dietician specializing in child nutrition and eating disorders with over 20 years of experience. He has personally interacted with over 20,000 patients, helping them successfully achieve their health and wellness goals. He is also an avid mountain climber and loves woodwork.

Ramesh Subramani MD has a hybrid background in wellness and digital health.

Dr. Subramani provides medical oversight to the team and also provides consultation and lab testing services for MFC.


We offer 3 packages that focus on nutrition education, daily feedback, and biometric monitoring. Call us and we will build a package that meets your need. No long-term contracts!

1)  Get Started – $50/wk or $150/month

  • 20-30 min sessions weekly with nutritionist
  • 4 week meal plan- reviewed by medical team
  • Customized motivational program
  • Eating ScoreCard that helps you understand how you buy food
  • Gets you ready and motivated to improve your health and feel better

2) Daily Impact- $300 /month

  • Package 1 plus
  • Daily Coaching
  • Kitchen Audit- detailed analysis of what is healthy
  • Virtual Grocery Tour
  • Deep dive into achieving your nutrition and weight loss goals

3) Lab & Medical – please call

  • Package 1 & 2
  • Metabolic lab evaluations of lipids and inflammatory markers- pre and post interventions
  • Medical coaching with a physician
  • Optimize your health goals and help prevent diabetes and heart disease!
  • Available in certain states (CA, IL, NY, TX, NV, HI, MO)
  • Does not include lab test cost which is usually covered by insurance

Corporate package (or families)- please call


What you get

  1. Food goals – preference intake
  2. Buying behavior analysis
  3. Fridge – Cupboard Audit
  4. Smartphone best practices
  5. Food Feedback
  6. Motivation techniques to achieve your goals
  7. Virtual shopping – Skype or Facetime from the store

 Daily Coaching

  1. We will provide feedback usually within minutes but typically 24 hours


Snap A Photo. Get Instant Feedback!

We will work together to “right size” your food coaching program by: 

  1. Reformulating —mindsets, triggers and behaviors
  2. Redesigning patterns in your daily food consumption
  3. Talking over the process so you stick to your goals

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